Lifetime Guarantee


What This Guarantee Covers:
All Destructo Skateboard Trucks are guaranteed against breakage during the normal useful life of the truck. The lifetime of the truck is defined as the time it takes to wear down the metal on the hanger before the axle shows through the casting. This means Destructo will repair or replace, at our sole discretion, any Destructo truck that breaks due to normal usage during its defined lifetime. This warranty is extended to the original purchaser of the truck, coverage terminates when the original purchaser sells or otherwise transfers the product.

What This Guarantee Does Not Cover:
1. Breakage due to over tightening.
2. Stripped axles due to impact.
3. Breakage due to improper installation.
4. Breakage due to use of 3rd party accessories.
5. Normal wear and tear due to use.
6. Intentional breakage.

To activate this warranty, follow these instructions:

Print out the Warranty Request Form below and send directly to Destructo along with the damaged truck.

US Customer Warranty Request Form

Return damaged truck to the retail store it was purchased along with the receipt to be inspected, repaired or replaced.